Tuesday, 13 May 2014


So, during the Easter break we had a short break to Glastonbury. This was a bit of a pilgrimage for me. I had wanted to visit for a long time. The photo is at the tower as t the top of the for, I have fallen in love with the place. We had a great time and calso visited the abbey, chalice well gardens ,and the goddess temple. Definitely reaffirmed my path. We looked for king Arthur's grave in the abbey and meditated in chalice well and drank the water. I will

leave you with more photos.


  1. Hi Becky, glad to have found your new blogging home :) Isn't Glastonbury absolutely magickal?

  2. Fab photos. We were going to call into Glastonbury on our way back from Cornwall a few weeks ago, but the weather forecast was dire so we didn't.
    Are you going to add a ' follow' button to your new blog?

  3. ah my spiritual home :) i always love it when others find it as amazing as i do :) xoxox

  4. i forgot to ask did you take some water home with you?

  5. Hello Lovely, so glad you enjoyed our little town. I'm sure you can imagine why I wanted to move here for so long.
    Did you go to the White Spring? It's only open certain days, as the care takers are all volunteers.
    Next time you come, would you like to meet for coffee? I know every moment is precious and you might want to spend it chatting xx

  6. Yes, it is hard to turn away from Glastonbury. I left for foreign shores twenty plus years ago and often in my dreams I walk it streets, visit pubs and sit in sun on the Tor.