Saturday, 31 May 2014

yesterday was a sad day..........

.....for those of us who work in the Probation service, it was the last day of the Probation service as it was. As of Monday, it will be split, there will be a small 'public sector' bit which comes under the civil service and the rest , the majority, is being privatised. I am in the private bit, didnt really have much choice in the matter, would of rather the service stayed as it was, but I guess the government thinks it can save money. We wont know who is going to be our new boss until around October. I know change can be good, but this seems change for change sake. This has made me think alot about the future and what I want to do, I have some ideas about re-training, but every course I look at seems expensive, I cant afford to go back to full time education unfortunately, but I am looking at what I can do in terms of distant/online training or qualifications. Who knows, this may prompt a career change and new opportunities, trying to stay positive!

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  1. i am sorry to hear this Becky :( although things are so uncertain for you now i do think that maybe its the start of something new and special in your life. i am a firm believer that things happen for a purpose and they are usually for the good xoxox