Friday, 24 October 2014

Its been a while..................

Well where do I begin, it has been a long time since my last post, so much for good intentions, but all sorts have happened since my last post. We have had problems with our internet for some time over the summer, hopefully sorted  now. The summer was great, what wonderful weather, a bit too hot for me at times, but we all had a good time. No holiday unfortunately, aside from time visiting family in devon/cornwall, we have not been able to afford anything this year - gutted and re-did the bathroom - it was falling apart, we have also decorated our bedroom and beloved built new wardrobes - we have been on a mission to create more storage, we have done so but it is still limited.

We are still paying off debt and are usually brassic a lot of the time at the moment, we have to budget for everything and save for it. Not helped by me having a car accident - the car is currently being repaired but we have £350 excess to pay - not budgeted for - ouch! this has stuffed us up at the moment, thankfully no one was hurt. I am still working for the Probation Service, following the split and the ongoing privatisation, the job has stayed the same, nothing has changed at the  moment for staff on a day to day basis. We should know at the end of the month what company has one the bid and takes us over, I think then we will start to see changes, dont know what I will do if I am made redundant.

So at the moment we just carry on because that is all we can do, all that anyone can do. Cant believe the clocks go back this weekend, I have some time off over half term and will be glad of the break. I need to find the camera to liven up the blog with some photos, it been put away somewhere but I cant remember where! Dont even what to mention the looming C word!

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